Lincoln’s Marxists


By:   Al Benson, Jr. & Donald Kennedy

378 pages


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     In the mid-nineteenth century, a group of radical socialists known as the Forty-Eighters brought their views to the United States, seeking to change its government and society. These advocates of big government supported the ideologies of Abraham Lincoln and endorsed him as a presidential candidate. This compelling book follows the rise of this early group of extreme socialists who set the tone for today’s leviathan government. Eighteen chapters offer an in-depth explanation of the Forty-Eighters, noting their origins in Europe, where the socialist revolutions took place; their influence on the election of 1861; and their role in the Union army. Sections question the high regard that such communists as Karl Marx and Fredrick Engles held for Lincoln. The authors reveal the side of Abraham Lincoln’s life that has remained shrouded in obscurity.

     It is interesting to note that the Confederate Army never totaled more than 650,000 troops while foreign enlistments into the Federal Army numbered over 800,000.

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