A Girl’s Life in Virginia Before the War


By:  Letitia M. Burwell

209 pages

Originally published in 1895



These sweet reminisces of an innocent Christian plantation girl are easily read and will carry you back to another place and another time. A time before yankee mythmakers managed to have their way with such memories. Letitia M. Burwell dedicates A Girl’s Life in Virginia Before the War, “to my nieces, who will find in English and American publications such expressions applied to their ancestors as: ‘cruel slave-owners’; ‘inhuman wretches’; ‘southern taskmasters’; ‘dealers in human souls,’ etc. From these they will naturally recoil with horror. My own life would have been embittered had I believed myself to be descended from such monsters; and that those who come after us may know the truth, I wish to leave a record of plantation life as it was. The truth may thus be preserved among a few, and merited praise may be awarded to noble men and virtuous women who have passed away.” This book is an absolutely wonderful read.

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