A Christian Widow’s Handbook


By Rondel Rumburg

266 pages



You may have lost your spiritual equilibrium on your journey of grief and deep sorrow. Find within these pages the assurance that indeed, “the God of all the earth will do right” by you, just as He did for Ruth and Naomi. It is our privilege to enthusiastically recommend this handbook to you and pray God’s blessings upon these pages as He send them where He sees fit.

About the author: Dr. Rumburg has been a Baptist pastor since 1964. Has held pastorates in WV, VA, AL and NC. He is president of the Society for Biblical and Southern Studies. Also, he has authored over a dozen books and has edited a number of books including the either volume set of one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence, “The Works of Rev. John Witherspoon.” He is the editor of the Chaplains Corps Chronicle for the SCV and is a past Chaplain-in-Chief.

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