Virginia Seal Bronze Coated Brass Pin


Size: 1.5” x 1.5”

Premium quality

Custom made

Bronze coated

Solid brass

Metal safety pin back


Badge of Resistance — Unreconstructed and Free!

Most people of the Old Dominion have no idea that our great state ever had a different design for our official seal.  Even worse, they have no idea that our once proud seal was redesigned by carpetbaggers to showcase our defeat at the hands of the Federals.

During the War of Northern Aggression, Virginia regiments flew their beloved state flags with the above design upon them.  Our Lady Virtus stood proud, fully covered by her breast plate.  Sword in hand, defeated tyrant at her feet.  Spear Point up and ready for battle.

Disgustingly, she was replaced by a Roman slave girl (in the modern flag).  Armor stripped away; her breast now exposed.  The sword is gone from her hands, and the spear tip ground in the dirt in defeat.  Virginia was no longer a warrior, but a conquered and exposed slave.

But for decades, Virginians have returned to our Unreconstructed Seal to reclaim our birthright.  And in the wake of our governor’s tyrannical assault on our liberties and rights, this badge has become the official symbol of resistance to this regime.

At one time, Northern allies and sympathizers of the Confederate Cause wore the Copper Penny in their hats to show everyone where their loyalties lay.  Now, real Virginians are wearing this badge to show off the same thing.

Buy yours now and wear it proudly to show that you stand with the Old Dominion and against this rogue government occupying Richmond!

The same seal is available on a 12” x 18” flag and 2nd Amendment bumper sticker.

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Weight .035 lbs
Dimensions 1.5 × .15 × 1.5 in