R.E. Lee Monument Collectors Coin


Solid Metal – exquisite detail

1.75” x 1.75”

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We like to think of these as the Monument Avenue Challenge Coin series…

Ever since the beautiful Lee Monument was removed in 2021, ConfederateShop has been on a mission to commemorate our heroic statue by offering a variety of iconic products.  Now you can join in grabbing the very first challenge coin in the series.

Our R.E. Lee Monument Collectors Coin is quality made from a solid metal material. The details are exquisite!

The front pictures the iconic Monument Avenue Robert E. Lee Statue with an ANV Flag on the left and the years it lasted on the right (1890-2021). The back has Lee’s beautiful headquarters flag, with one of his famous quotes around the edge: “There is a true glory and a true honor: The glory of duty done–the honor of the integrity of principles.” ~General R.E. Lee

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Weight .065 lbs
Dimensions 1.75 × .1 × 1.75 in