CSS Virginia & USS Monitor Metal Displays


Includes 2 piece CSS Virginia & 2 piece USS Monitor

Solid metal

Ages 10 and up


These solid metal display pieces are sure to look excellent on a desk, bookshelf or in any Civil War themed room. It’s also an excellent gift for the kids. The detailed ironclad can also be removed from its metal display base.


CSS Virginia/Merrimack:  6.5”L  x  2” W  x  1.75” H

USS Monitor: 4.5”L  x  2” W  x  .75 H

History of the CSS Virginia

The USS Merrimack was scuttled by the Union Navy on April 20, 1861, when they abandoned Gosport Naval Yard at Portsmouth, Virginia. The next day, the Confederates took control of the yard. They raised the Merrimack’s hull and converted the ship into an ironclad. It was commissioned the CSS Virginia on February 17, 1862. The Virginia sank 2 Union wooden warships on March 8, 1862, and proved the power of iron over wood. The next day the Virginia fought the USS monitor to a standstill. This engagement forever changed naval warfare. When Norfolk was abandoned due to an attack organized by President Lincoln on May 10, 1862, the Confederates were forced to scuttle the CSS Virginia the next day.

History of the USS Monitor:

The Union Ironclad USS Monitor was designed by Swedish-American Engineer, John Ericsson. It was launched on January 30, 1862, the second day of the Battle of Hampton Roads, the USS Monitor faced the CSS Virginia in the first battle between two ironclads. The USS Monitor sank in a storm off Hatteras, North Carolina, on December 31, 1862; and 16 sailors were lost. The wreck site was named America’s First National Marine Sanctuary in 1975 and 210 tons of artifacts are being conserved at the USS Monitor Center in the Mariners’ Museum

Additional information

Weight .72 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 2 in


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