A.P. Hill Monument Collectors Coin


Solid Metal – exquisite detail

1.75” x 1.75”


We like to think of these as the Monument Avenue Challenge Coin series…

This is the 3rd coin in the collector’s series, dedicated to General Ambrose Powell Hill’s grave monument which was forcibly removed in 2022.

This commemorative coin is particularly important to us.  The destruction and desecration of General Hill’s grave and monument shocked true Southerners and lovers of history alike.  This coin is the first in our series to feature a black band on the obverse (front), marking that this monument was in fact, a grave.  Also on the front of the coin is the top of the monument itself, the ANV battle flag and the dates the monument stood.On the reverse, you will find a 12 star ANV battle flag.  This is the flag of the 13th Virginia Infantry from Culpeper.  The 13th was A.P. Hill’s first command, and this flag was handmade by his wife.   Along each side of the square flag are the words “God – Family – Community – Duty,” a fitting combination on what Hill and all his fellow Confederates represent.  Around the edge of the backside, you will find a quote from General Hill, “If you will not follow me, I’ll die alone!

Though they tear down, we will raise back up!

Additional information

Weight .065 lbs
Dimensions 1.75 × .1 × 1.75 in