The Brent Rochester Family, Lead Me To Calvary, CD


Gospel Bluegrass CD

12 Songs

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The gospel songs and hymns on this our latest CD are a most comprehensive collection.  The music ranges from the driving bluegrass of Paul and Silas to the Spanish sounds in Down from His Glory. Lead Me to Calvary is the title cut on this album and is Franci’s favorite hymn. We trust every song becomes as special to you as they are to us, drawing you to Jesus, whether for salvation or for a closer walk with Him.
Interesting Note: This is our first album with no instrumentals.  All twelve songs feature instruments and singing.
1. Nothing But the Blood
2. He Strengthens Me
3. Seeking the Lost
4. Paul and Silas
5. The Savior Is Waiting
6. Lead Me to Calvary
7. Be Assured
8. He Heard My Simple Plea
9. Scarlet Purple Robe
10. Down from His Glory
11. Let Him In
12. God Be With You

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