Noah Cline: Shamrock Clawhammer – Music CD


By Noah Cline

Studio composed

A sampling of old-time Irish tunes

Clawhammer style banjo playing

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A message from the artist: “Over the course of ten years playing banjo, I’ve added quite a few Irish tunes to my Old-Time tune repertoire. This CD is a compilation of just a handful of the ones I play, particularly jigs, which are not as commonly played by most clawhammer players today, but I feel I have a knack for playing them. All tunes are played on my Morgan Monroe Luxmore banjo and accompanied by my Seagull S6 guitar. I truly feel blessed having a gift of music.”


1. Behind the Haystack (Jig, Trad.)

2. The Otters Holt (Reel, Junior Creham)

3. The Leitrim Fancy The Kesh Jig (Jigs, Trad.)

4. July Delaney (Reel, Trad.)

5. The Butterfly (Slip, Jig, Trad.)

6. Mason’s Apron (Reel, Trad.)

7. Monghan’s/Morrison’s (Jigs,  Trad.)

8. Wind that shakes the Barley (slow Reel, Trad.)

9. The Reverend Brother’s/ Sean Ryan’s (The Castle Jig) (Jigs, Trad./Sean Ryan)

10. Maid Behind the Bar (Reel, Trad.)

11. Farewell to Whalley Range/ Cathal McConnell’s/The Old favourite (Slip Jigs, jig, Michael McGoldrick/Trad./Trad.)

12. Si Bheag, Si Mhor/ Carolan’s Cup (Slow Airs, O’Carolan)

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