2nd South Carolina String Band: In High Cotton CD


Favorite campfire songs of the Civil War

15 Tracks

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The 2nd South Carolina String Band is a recreation of a Civil War camp band. The six musicians in this group met in the same way as did those musicians amongst the Volunteers of ’61 – as riflemen in a company of infantry. We formed this band as they did – to entertain ourselves and our comrades around the campfire. This collection of songs is presented with the unique and individual spirit one would expect from a true Confederate camp band.

Lynchburg Town ~ Briggs’ Jig ~ Old Folks At Home ~ O Lemuel ~ Twill Neber Do to Gib It Up ~ So (De Ol’ Jim Ribber ~ Granny Will Your Dog Bite ~ Guilderoy ~ Liza Jane/Mississippie Sawyer/Road to Boston ~ Im Gwine Ober de Mountain ~ De Blue Tail Fly ~ Angelina Baker/Angeline the Baker ~ Cripplie Creek/ Old Joe Clarke/The Girld I left Behind Me(Virginia Reel Medley) ~ Jordan Is a Hard Road to Travel ~ Old Rosin the Beau ~ Glendy Burke ~ The White Cockade/ Devil’s Dream ~ Down in Alabama ~ The Bonnie Blue Flag. Total running time –  65:49

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