2nd South Carolina String Band: Dulcem Melodies


Favorite campfire songs of the Civil War

16 Tracks

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The 2nd South Carolina String Band plays the songs and music that moved the American people of the early and mi-eighteen hundreds. They play the music that was in the hearts and minds and on the tongues of the citizen-soldiers that made up the ranks of the armies of the North and the South as they marched off to take part in the cataclysmic struggle that was to become the defining event of our nation’s history. They play it on instruments of the era and in an authentic manner and style that carries the listener back to simpler times. They play with a verve and excitement that infects even the most reserved listener with their own enjoyment and brings back to vibrant life the tumultuous energy of the American experience during the War Between the States. To experience the 2nd South Carolina String Band is, for a moment, to reach out and touch the past.

Mockingbird/Siege of Vicksburg ~ Amazing Grace ~ Clare de Kitchen ~ Kelton’s Reel/Waiting on the Federals ~ My Old Kentucky Home ~ Yellow Rose of Texas ~ Southron’s Battle Cry of Freedom ~ Minstrel Boy ~ Southron’s Tramp, Tramp, Tramp ~ Jim Along Josie ~ Sweet Evalina ~ War Song of Dixie ~ Hawks and Eagles.

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