Homespun Songs of the CSA - tbg (3)

Homespun Songs of the C.S.A. by Bobby Horton Vol. 4


  • Authentic songs of the Southern Confederacy
  • Accompanied by mostly “period” instruments
  • Historical backgrounds for each song
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Songs: 1. Dixie, The Land of King Cotton 2. The March of the Southern Men 3. We Conquer or Die 4. The Soldier With a Wooden Leg 5. The Battle of Shiloh Hill 6. the Southern Soldier 7. think of Your Head in the Morning 8. Johnny is Gone for a Soldier 9. Soldier’s Joy 10. Strike for the South 11. Melt the Bells 12. Richmond is a Hard Road to Travel 13. Pray, Maiden, Pray 14. The Brass Mounted Army 15. When Upon the Field of Glory 16. Short Rations (To the Corn-fed Army of Tennessee) 17. Roll Alabama Roll 18. The Bonnie Blue Flag

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