Southern Buck T-shirt


50/50 cotton-poly blend

Gray T-shirt

Front/back design

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This T-shirt is an eye catcher…

On the front of the t-shirt are the words Southern By The Grace of God with an iconic buck in the middle.

On the back is a flag that has unique significance…

Although this flag was never used, we saw it fitting to add an additional 4 stars to the traditional First National Confederate flag–which includes territories and states that either never had a chance of joining, or were not yet officially states.

Represented are: South Carolina, Mississippi, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, Texas, Virginia, Arkansas, North Carolina, Missouri, Tennessee, Kentucky. The less-common states/territories Included are Maryland, Oklahoma territory, and the Arizona Territory–which carried part of New Mexico.

Personally, I’ve found this t-shirt to be a great discussion starter. Most people know the final national Confederate flag only had a total of 13 stars, which makes the shirt an easy segway into a few conversations: Like how Maryland provided 25,000 troops to the Confederacy and would have been a Confederate state had it not been for Lincoln imprisoning the elected officials. Or how 5 civilized Indian tribes served the Confederacy–some of which hailed from what was then known as the Oklahoma Territory. Or mention the interesting fact that the peoples of the the Arizona territory, who sided with the Confederacy, never stated in their resolution documentation a word about “preserving slavery.”~ Matt

**Additionally there WAS historically a 17 star Confederate flag, you can read about that here:

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