Southern Made Confederate Kepi


  • Made in America!
  • 100% wool – 100% cotton lining
  • Genuine Leather visor and chin strap
  • Features brass C.S.A. buttons and adjuster

Please choose your size option below:


Supplies are limited!

Our gray wool Kepi’s are made from quality materials right here in the United States! The shell is 100% wool with a 100% cotton fabric lining. It also features a leather visor and chin strap with a brass buckle and two brass C.S.A. buttons on each side.

The maker is a native Virginian and a retired sutler who frequented the Shenandoah Valley for years, selling goods to reenactors. Supplies are limited and we will not be able to get more once they’re gone!

Please be sure to measure your head before purchasing. If you do not have a garment measuring tape, here’s an easy way:

Get yourself a piece of string and wrap it around your head—then take the measurement to a yardstick or tape measure.

Sizes available are:

Small (22’’)
Medium (22.5’’) – SOLD OUT
Large (23’’) – SOLD OUT
XL (23.5’’) – SOLD OUT
XXL (24’’) – SOLD OUT

All sizes are within these parameters and we cannot have custom work done.

History of the Confederate Kepi:

History of Confederate head wares can be extensive because there was not a single homogeneous uniform or cap for every Confederate soldier. This is in part due to the Confederate army being comprised of pre-war militia units—which sometimes possessed their own distinct garments. Especially for the kepi, its colors, materials, and construction greatly varied during the War.

Prior to the War Between the States there were a few American companies manufacturing Kepis—eventually producing them for both North and South. Many kepi’s were imported though from Ireland and France (the French were the original designers of the Kepi).

Although this specific kepi cannot be traced to an exact living replica—it’s similar to what a typical Johnny Reb might wear. The wool material is “high-tech” for it’s time, and would keep the soldier warm even when wet.

Additional information

Weight .34 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 3 × 5 in
Kepi Size

Small (22'')