The Story of Little Black Sambo


By:   Helen Bannerman

Originally published in 1899

60 pages



     Children and grownups everywhere—in Japan, Europe, Australia, Africa, India, and the Americas; from every rung of life; in countless assorted tongues—have read The Story of Little Black Sambo for over 100 years.

     “Little Black Sambo is packed full of adventure and brightly colored drawings that are so entertaining to children. It has been translated into numerous dialects of the Indian subcontinent. One can see that Memsahib Bannerman spent much time in India because this story paints such a superb picture with things peculiar to our country.”                                    ~Shivaguru Vishnudevananda, Benares, India

     “Greenhouse Publishing Company ought to be congratulated for this inspired decision to make the Helen Bannerman stories available again, for when parents had time to read to their children, the well-mannered little gentleman Sambo was among the favorites of the British child.” ~ The Reverend Canon Geoffrey M. Neal, Bedfordshire, England

     The author, Helen Bannerman, was the wife of a British officer serving in India. Her children’s story does not concern the American South. It is included in our selection because reconstructed thought police have deemed the title offensive to delicate sensibilities. It is not, but you may judge for yourself. It is simply a sweet children’s story.

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