Blacksmith Crafted Wall Hook – Longhorn


Size: 4” x 5”

Crafted in North Carolina

Solid steel

Can hold up to 30 pounds when properly mounted

Mounting screw is not included


While each blank is laser cut, everything after that is done by hand using traditional blacksmithing tools and techniques.  Hand-crafted by Mountain Forge Blacksmith right in North Carolina, the attention to detail along the entire edge is beautiful — the pictures hardly do them justice!  This high grade steel can comfortably hold 30 lbs. (when mounted correctly — the metal will hold, but the wall is up to you). These are excellent for hanging rifles (any strap should comfortably fit in these hooks), heavy coats (every hook’s tip is rolled over in the historic technique to allow for clothing without any risk of poking through), full book bags, or simply to adorn your rustic homestead as a key holder.Perfect for the hunter in your life that needs to organize his gear — one hook can easily accommodate a rifle’s sling and a hunting vest or jacket and more!