Searching for Lincoln – Documentary – DVD


1 hour 59 minutes

Darlin Productions 2015


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Searching for Lincoln is a unique, well-researched, thought-provoking documentary examining the life—and the legacy—of the man considered one of, if not the “greatest American President” all across the nation’s political spectrum.

The fully-verified narrative reveals the intentions of—and efforts by which—the 16th President initiated the bloodiest and cruelest war the nation has ever endured and shows how his success in that war increased the power of what Lincoln considered a national rather than a federal government leading directly to our present political, economic and social conditions.

As Americans commemorate what has been wrongly called a “Civil War” in this the 150th year after Lincoln’s “victory,” Searching for Lincoln brings to light historical accounts of the man’s views and positions on matters of the day including race, slavery, equality, the role of government, the Constitution and the waging of war on people whom Lincoln himself called “Americans.” Through the man’s own words and those of his contemporaries and the records contained in the National Archives, Lincoln lives again and, with the help of modern historians, we are able to see past “what everybody knows” and into the heart and soul of the man himself.

For more information on the documentary, please visit the website.

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