Cultural Marxism: The Corruption of America – DVD


A James Jaeger Film

98 Minutes


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For over 20 years our family at Crossroads Country Store has been on a mission for truth. We learned long ago that The War Between the States is just one piece in the giant cosmos of lies that are propagated on us today. We believe the film MAINSTREAM is an important piece in that puzzle of deceit. Order today and learn how we’re deliberately being influenced and destroyed from within through the entertainment industry. I assure you, the TRUTH is shocking!

     CULTURAL MARXISM explores the love affair with collectivist ideologies that has lead to ever bigger government and the welfare-warfare state. Find out how the Frankfurt School, a Marxist splinter group, established itself at Columbia University and began “the long march through the institutions.” The idea was, and still is, to infiltrate every corner of Western culture and pervert traditional values with “political correctness” and Marxist ideologies. With the express purpose of destroying Christian Values!

Be sure to also see the film MAINSTREAM: How Hollywood Movie and the New York Media Are Promoting the Globalist Agenda

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