Bringing Back the Black Robed Regiment – DVD


A Darrell Campbell and Percussion Films Production

91 minutes

Copywrite 2016

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     British loyalist Peter Oliver called them the Black Regiment and the British blamed them for stirring up the colonists. They preached politics from their pulpits and some of them actually led the men of their congregations off to war. It cannot be overstated – they were critical to the success of the War for Independence in 1776.

     Who were they? The Patriot Preachers of 18th century America. Yet, most modern American pastors haven’t even heard of them.

     Citing separation of church and state or claiming they’re only called to “preach the Gospel,” the majority of today’s pastors shy away from politics; leaving their congregations Biblically illiterate concerning a Biblical theology of Christian involvement in government. In this video, Oklahoma pastor and State Representative, Dan Fisher, gives a brief history of these Patriot Preachers of the Revolution and shows how we need them to emerge today. Without an “awakening” in today’s pulpit, Dan believes America will not survive. Thus, his clarion call is that it is time, past time, to Bring Back the Black Robed Regiment.

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