The First White House of the Confederacy Bookmark


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Front: The Fist While House of the Confederacy, Montgomery, Alabama, Built: 1832-1835, Leased to Confederacy, February 21, 1861, Occupied April 14, 1861, Mid June 1861

Back: The First White House has had a long and varied history; from private dwelling to executive mansion, townhouse and boarding house. Finally falling into a state of disrepair. In 1897 the United Daughters of the Confederacy of Alabama determined to save the White House. A new organization was formed, “White House associate of Alabama.” In 1919 the house was dismantled and moved 10 blocks to its present location. Legislation passed in 1923, and since amended, provides that the First White House is to be managed by the White House Association and its members are to be “the keepers of the relics.”

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