The Confederate Soldier Bookmark


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“Each one a thumbnail history lesson”

Made in Virginia

Professionally laminated on heavy card-stock 

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Front: The Confederate Soldier, fighting to preserve his home and Liberty from an invading hoard; marched father and faster, fought harder, and longer with less provision, equipment and medicine. Won more victories and freely expended more of his blood. By Wars end the South has sacrificed twenty-five percent of their finest in the firm belief that the Declaration of Independence penned by their fathers was worth defending.

Back: “The world has never seen better soldiers than those who followed Lee; and their leader will undoubtedly rank, as without any exception the very greatest of all the great captains that the English speaking people have brought forth.” ~ President Theodore Roosevelt

“For steadiness and efficiency Lee’s Army was unsurpassed in ancient or modern times, we have not been able to rival it.” ~ Maj. Gen. Hooker, US

“The Army of Northern Virginia will deservedly rank as the best army which has existed in this continent, suffering privation unknown to its opponent. The North sent no such army to the field.” ~ Bvt. Brig. Gen. C.A. Whittier, US

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