Southern Patriot Bookmark


Heart of Dixie Bookmarks

“Each one a thumbnail history lesson”

Made in Virginia

Professionally laminated on heavy card-stock

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“You repent when you have done wrong, and the South obeyed the Lord and the Constitution. Out of the dark hours of reconstruction, better called deconstruction, the star of liberty set to rise no more because the Republic was dead.” ~ Randolph H. McKim, 1st Lt. Army of Northern Virginia


“But peace as well as war demands of us high devotion and unswerving loyalty. If with peace we have decay of patriotism and loss of virtue and the triumph of private over public interests and the sacrifice of law and justice to secure partisan ends – if with peace we have the accumulation of wealth at the cost of the country’s welfare… that peace must prove but the slippery, downward path to the ruin in which so many nations, once great and prosperous, have been swallowed up. Better far and desolations and horrors of war than such peace.” ~ Robert Catlett Cave, May 1894

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