Slavery Bookmark


  • Heart of Dixie Bookmarks
  • “Each one a thumbnail history lesson”
  • Made in Virginia
  • Professionally laminated on heavy card-stock 
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Front: “The human franchise of slavery has been recognized by God from the beginning as the consequence of man’s fallen nature, as man’s fallen nature, as man will either serve God or mammon. The world system as presently constituted is built upon greed, power, lust, ambition and force which all have at their root the sinful phrase, “I will”, and all inevitably lead their followers into bondage. The Bolshevik Leon Tolstoy aptly observed, ‘Money is the new form of slavery, and distinguishable from the old simply by the fact that it is impersonal– that there is no human relation between master and slave. Medieval serfs were required to give one-third of their labor to the Lord of the Manor, and they were…

Back: considered slaves. Modern folk give practically all their labor (or fruits of their labor) to governments and banks. But because of the myriad of meaningless choices and distractions they are given they mistakenly believe themselves free. Tolstoy was correct the new type of slavery is perfectly effective because it is impersonal. The war that ended in 1865 did not end slavery, it simply expanded the Manor.” ~ Rex Miller

“Necessity is the argument of tyrants, it is the creed of slaves.” ~ William Pitt (1708-1778)

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