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Rose O’Neale Greenhow

1814 – October 1, 1864

Orphan ~ Wife ~ Mother ~Hostess ~ Socialite ~ Prisoner ~ Exile ~ Fearless Patriot


Died in service to her Country off the coast of Wilmington, North Carolina


Maria Rosette O’Neale was born in Port Tobacco, Maryland and orphaned as an infant but taken in by an aunt in Washington City as a teenager. In 1835 she married Dr. Robert Greenhow with the blessing of Dolly Madison. their union produced 8 children of whom “Little Rose” was the last and after which he husband suddenly died. Subsequently, “Little Rose” became her constant companion, even in Capital Prison.

“I am a Southern woman, born with revolutionary blood in my veins, and my first crude ideas of state and federal matters received consistency and shape from the best and wisest man of this century, John C. Calhoun. [Her personal friend] These ideas have been strengthened and matured by reading and observation. Freedom of speech and of thought were my birthrights, guaranteed by our charter of liberty, the Constitution of the United States, and signed and sealed by the blood of our fathers.” – Rose O’Neale Greenhow, 1862

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