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Rev. M.D. Hoge, D.D.

September 18, 1818 – January 6, 1899

FOUDER AND PASTOR – Second Presbyterian Church – Richmond, Virginia

HONORARY CHAPALIN – To the Confederate Congress

CONFEDERATE REPRESENTATIVE – To the British Bible Societies from which he procured over 300,000 Bibles for the Confederate Army which were considered illegal contraband by the Federal Government.


Corporal James P. Smith states, “On Sunday afternoon, Dr. [Moses Drury] Hoge drove out to preach in the Camp of the Stonewall Brigade. How well I remember the great assembly of young soldier, seated on the ground like the five thousands at Bethsaida, in companies…but the prayer, with far reaching distinctiveness and with appeal and tenderness went up to the open skies to the God of so many fathers and mothers, to the great Captain of our Salvation, and went down into the hearts of those boys in gray and tears were on many faces and strong desires in many hearts. Near the preacher, on a log, sat Stonewall Jackson, and with him a circle of men of rank and on one side of a choir of boys who knew their hymns well.”

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