Rev. W.W. Bennett, D.D. Bookmark


Heart of Dixie Bookmarks

“Each one a thumbnail history lesson”

Made in Virginia

Professionally laminated on heavy card-stockĀ 




Rev. W.W. Bennett, D.D.

February 24, 1821 – June 7, 1887

CLERGYMAN – Methodist ~ Charlottesville Virginia

SUPERINTENDENT – Soldier’s Tract Association

CHAPLAIN – Army of Northern Virginia

AUTHOR – “The Great Revival in the Southern Armies”


William W. Bennett Records, “There is a strongly marked difference between armies of invasion and armies of defense. The armies of the South were homogeneous. There were but a few thousand foreigners at any times in the Confederate ranks. Hence, there was but little of that beastliness and brutality displayed which marked the foreign mercenaries in the opposing armies. Our forces were strictly native American f the Southern type, and while they exhibited to a mournful extent the peculiar vices of their race, they also manifest the respect and reverence of their race for all the ordinances of Religion.”

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