Rev. B.M. Palmer, D.D. Bookmark


  • Heart of Dixie Bookmarks
  • “Each one a thumbnail history lesson”
  • Made in Virginia
  • Professionally laminated on heavy card-stock
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Front:  January 25, 1818 – May 25, 1902, Pastor, First Presbyterian Church, New Orleans, LA., Chaplain, to the Armies of the Confederate States of America, Educator, Speaker to the suffering multitudes of the South.

Back:  “In the light of this distinctive worldview, Palmer rightly understood that the War Between the States was  a religious war fought, not primarily over slavery, states’ rights or tariffs, but primarily by the South in defense of Christendom in the South against the war of aggression against it fought by the North, spurred on by Unitarian leaders who wanted to break the back of Reformed Christianity in the United States so as to ‘junk’ the U.S. Constitution and create a powerful, socialistic central government with the power to de-Christianize the entire nation through state supported education.” ~ Joe Morecraft III.   Benjamin Morgan Palmer was correct in his assessment of the issues. One need only to survey modern culture to witness how greed, lust and force have prevailed over virtue, modesty and love and how liberty has become license.

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