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Front:  Lieutenant General, Confederate States of America, July 13, 1821, October 29, 1877, “No damn man shall kill me and live.”

Back:  On June 14, 1861 Nathan Bedford Forrest walked into a Memphis recruiting office to enlist as a private in the service of the Confederate States of America. He was a self-made millionaire and almost 40 years old. This one private soldier of that war who was to rise to the rank of Lt. General, and whose operations, long after he was dead, were to receive the respectful study of commanders of armies in the United States and Europe, had no military education and very little formal education. Yet he was a military genius. His was the last command east of the Mississippi River to surrender. may 9, 1865. After Appomattox, General Lee was asked who was his greatest General? His reply was, “A man I have never met, Nathan Bedford Forrest.”

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