Lewis A. Armistead Bookmark


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Front: Lewis A. Armistead, February 18, 1834, July 5, 1863, Brigadier General, Army of Northern Virginia, Longstreet’s Corps, Pickett’s Division, Armistead’s Brigade, Killed: Battle of Gettysburg

Back: Lewis Addison Armistead was born in New Bern, N.C. the son of an Army Officer. In 1834 he entered West Point and two years later was dismissed for breaking a mess-hall plate over the head of Jubal Early. He never-the-less entered the US Army as a Lt. with the 6th US Infantry in 1839. He served in the Seminole War and was brevetted three times for heroism in the Mexican War. He resigned his commission on May 26, 1861 to serve the Confederacy He served as Colonel of the 57th Virginia Infantry Regiment until he was promoted to Brigadier General April 1, 1862. His promising future was cut short on the third day of Gettysburg during Pickett’s Charge. He and about 150 of his men scaled the stone wall at Cemetery Ridge and drove the cannoneers momentarily from their pieces. He was morally wounded there and died 2 days later.

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