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Front: John Singleton Mosby, December 6, 1833, May 30, 1916, Colonel, Confederate States of America, Commanding, 43rd Bn. Virginia Cavalry, Army of Northern Virginia, Mosby’s Rangers

Back: When Virginia’s Sovereign soil was invaded by a foreign army its advance and retreat engulfed communities, homes, farms and businesses. It soon became apparent that it would be to the defenders advantage to have mobile troops operating behind the enemy lines. Thus certain cavalry units became Partisan Ranger Battalions to harass the enemy rear, cut his communications, capture his supplies and oversee non-combatant practice to enlist as a private in the 1st Va. Cavalry. Promoted to officer rank he was assigned to Stuart’s Starr as a scout. He was subsequently given command of the 43rd Battalion assigned as Rangers. Mosby was wounded 7 times and his unit acquitted itself honorably. He disbanded his effective 800 men April 21,1865

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