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  • Heart of Dixie Bookmarks
  • “Each one a thumbnail history lesson”
  • Made in Virginia
  • Professionally laminated on heavy card-stock
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Front: John Jasper, July 4, 1812, March 28, 1901, Slave, Philosopher, Preacher, Pastor, Hero of the Faith, Saved July 4, 1839, Founded Sixth Mount Zion Baptist Church Richmond, Virginia, September 3, 1867

Back: John Jasper was born into the franchise of slavery at a time when the franchise was not disguised. His early years were fortunate in that he labored for a Christian house-hold and had ample opportunity to hear the preach of the Gospel. In 1839 he heard several messages that convicted him causing him considerable discomfort. Finally, during free time he sat upon a bench beneath the Old Bell Tower in Capital Square in Richmond and surrendered his life to God convinced he was called to preach. Though he could speak proper English he preferred to preach in “dialect” which spellbound his black and white audiences, so great was his oratory skill. Perhaps his most famous sermon was heard by more whites than blacks, it was: ” De Sun do move”

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