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Made in Virginia

Professionally laminated on heavy card-stockĀ 

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Front description: Jedediah Hotchkiss, November 30, 1828, January 17, 1899, Topographic Engineer, Army of Northern Virginia, “Make me a map of the Valley…” ~ Gen. T.J. Jackson, March 26, 1862

Back description: Jedediah Hotchkiss was of Scots, Connecticut ancestry and was born in Windsor, New York. A devout Christian, he traveled and studied the valleys of New York, Pennsylvania and finally Virginia. Enamored with the Shenandoah Valley and its people, he moved to Virginia in 1847 and established himself as a teacher. He married Sara Ann Comfort of Pennsylvania in 1853. In 1861 he offered his services to the Confederate Army and over the course of a brief few years rose to becomes paramount cartographer to the Army of Northern Virginia. Indeed, half the maps which appear in The Official Military Atlas of the Civil War are his. A devout Christian and Patriot to the end, he believed in the Declaration of Independence worth defending.

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