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Front: John W. “Jack” Hinson, July 1807, July 1874, Confederate Sharpshooter, extraordinaire, “A tenacious an elusive figure, Hinson likely killed more than one hundred Union soldiers, recording the confirmed deaths on the barrel of his rifle with precision.” ~ Lt. Col. Tom C. McKenny, USMC Ret.

Back: In the fall of 1862 Jack Hinson was a 55 year old successful farmer and “Union man” living in peace in north western Tennessee. His sons George age 22 and John age 17 went hunting for small game. The boys were met by a patrol of the 5th Iowa Cavalry, who shot, mutilated and decapitated them. Jack determined to make them pay. He purchased a heavy long barreled 50 cal. Rifle, moved his family safely away, then quietly, methodically proceeded to become perhaps the most proficient sniper of the war. It is estimated he shot over one hundred enemy and single-handedly caused an armed riverboat to surrender. Continually hunted and with a bounty on him he survived the war to start a new life although he lived with the constant threat of Reconstruction retribution.

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