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Heart of Dixie Bookmarks

“Each one a thumbnail history lesson”

Made in Virginia

Professionally laminated on heavy card-stock

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Front: Rev. J.W. Jones, D.D.

September 25, 1836 – March 17, 1909

PASTOR ~ Little River Baptist Church – Louisa County, Virginia

CHAPLAIN ~ Army of Northern Virginia

SECRETARY ~ Southern Historical Society, 1875 – 1887

AUTHOR ~ “Christ in the Camp”


In his book, “Christ in the Camp” Rev. John William Jones states, “Any history of that army which omits an account of the wonderful influence of religion upon it – which fails to tell how the courage, discipline and morale of the whole as influenced by the humble piety and evangelical zeal of many of its officers and men – would be incomplete and unsatisfactory. . . Scarcely a company moved without some public religious service, and it was considered a most important part of each man’s equipment that he should carry in his knapsack a copy of God’s word.” “In 1865 I was solicited by many of my fellow chaplains and by General Lee himself, to prepare this chapter of our history.”

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