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Front: Scripture teaches that we should all be faithful stewards of God’s bountiful gifts. And Christian people, as a rule, are. However, the modern brand of environmentalism as a promoted by secular government and its organs is nothing more than specious fear mongering and propaganda designed for control and taxation. Man is a triune being, having a body, mind, and soul, created in the image of the triune being, having a body, mind and soul, created in the image of the triune God. Education that neglects any area creates an individual deficient in that area, thus when Biblical and Spiritual instruction was removed from education and a spiritual vacuum was created. Mid-way through the twentieth century Yankee, humanist Marxists realized that worship of the State was not sufficiently large and nebulous to fill the void within the human heart. They correctly concluded that worship of the earth with its collateral benefits would suit their needs much better. Thus, they created environmentalism as their..

Back: very real theological appendage. Sufficiently frightening, with the goal being on world government and the simultaneous destruction of Western Christian Civilization. Earth worship and environmentalism offers the perfect vehicle for global taxes, global laws and global empowerment through their various international agencies which can siphon power from nations and circumvent constitutions with high sounding international treaties. Thus, maleducated subjects fed catastrophic propaganda through systematic repetition and trivial preoccupation rush to embrace the emergency and save the earth while forging their own chains of bondage!

“Moreover it is required in stewards, that a man be found faithful.” ~ I Corinthians 4:2

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