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Front: 1861-1865 the derisive name given by radical Jacobin Yankees to their northern brethren who resisted their unconstitutional invasion of the South. When the 16th President called forth 75,000 troops, suspended habeas corpus and civil liberties, padlocked newspapers that disagreed with his policies, placed the offending editors under military arrest in military prisons and even went so far as to place under military arrest ministers of the gospel who refused to pray for his success, honest law abiding folk were rightly concerned. They were witness to the wholesale transformation of their government from one of law to one of political will, and they rightly spoke out!

Back: So much so that over 30,000 northern civilians were placed in military prisons. No one was exempt, from lawfully elected officials like mayors and state legislators, to ministers, newspaper men, farmers, judges, attorneys, and even newspaper boys. All without warrant or trial. The Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court, Roger Taney had an arrest warrant issued for his arrest warrant issued for his arrest for stating the obvious.

To celebrate the name, Copperheads wore a copper Liberty Penny fashioned into a lapel pin. Caught in the vortex of constitutional government and law on the one hand and unrestrained political power and lust on the other they became casualties in the cause of Yankee aggression.

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