Civil War 150th Sesquicentennial Bookmark


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Front:  1861-1865 The bloody conflict commonly referred to as the Civil War was of course not that in-as-much as a civil war is one in which differing factions seek to control the central government. The South sought independence, not control of Washington and bares no complicity in writing official history. A sectional minority of the North sought dominance and power to remake the Rule of Law servant to the rule of man. Thus when the 16th President called on April 14, 1861 for the States to provide 75,000 troops to invade

Back: Sovereign States, who were exercising their Constitutional rights, the War was begun. In round numbers the South mustered 600,000 ill-equipped men & boys to face 2,780,000 well equipped soldier of whom nearly 800,000 were of foreign enlistment. The South bravely fought invasion losing 25% of their manhood. All told about 620,000 soldiers were lost on both sides. Eventually exhausted from winning battles, the South lost the war; and as the issue involved were never settled legally, they remain with us to this day as we recognize the sesquicentennial of the defeat of the Rule of Law.

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