Bringing Back the Black Robed Regiment – Book


By Dan Fisher

448 pages


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   Bringing Back the Black Robed Regiment is an inspiring story about the role Christians and the Church played in our War for Independence in 1776. It is a must read for every person interested in a part of history you have probably not heard about. The pastors who are profiled in this story are but a few of the many who actually participated, from Pastor Peter Muhlenberg who became General Peter Muhlenberg, one of General Washington’s trusted leaders on the battlefield. All the way to 63 year-old Pastor John Rosbrugh who though admittedly too old for battle, nevertheless led the men of his congregation to the war…only to lose his life for the cause of liberty.

   This is an easy to read compelling account of the men, their wives and their families who did their part and now ask us here in the 21st century whether or not we will do ours.

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