Unreconstructed Virginia Flag – 3’x5′


3’ x 5′ printed outdoor polyester with 2 grommets on hoist side.

**This flag was custom made by Crossroads Country Store and its design reflects that of an original unreconstructed Virginia flag.**

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~ As the central figure of the Seal and Flag of the Commonwealth of Virginia, “Virtus” is visible throughout the Commonwealth and is recognized outside our borders as well.

~ The name Virtus means “virtue” in Latin. Virtue is not proud, is not selfish, does not lust, and is unafraid of any foe. Virtus is not a mercenary warrior but a duty bound one.

~ The Latin superscription, “Sic Semper Tyrannis” means ‘thus always to tyrants’ and stands as a proper motto of a free people who loathe parasites, panderers, plunderers and their ilk.

~ As our symbol Virtus was conceived during the turbulent times of our first Revolutionary War and as symbolism depicts the convictions and aspirations of our Founders.

~ The hand of Thomas Jefferson played a significant role in the creation of the Seal of Virginia and many of his ideals can be identified in her form.

~ Virtus represents truth and justice in triumph over tyranny, limited constitutional government, state sovereignty, the rule of law, sanctity of private property, freedom of religion, rigorous classical education, civic virtue and civic duty, and personal responsibility.

~ Virtus came forth from the brilliant minds of Western Civilization and stands eternally vigilant to guard and preserve all which that implies and all that we hold dear. She stands in sharp contrast to the French whore placed prominently in New York Harbor by those who opposed the Jeffersonian Constitutional Republic and whose idea of liberty is license.

~ Virtus reminds us that liberty’s greatest burden is the freedom to choose between good and evil and that evil cannot be found in inanimate objects but only within the human heart.

~ As the cradle of Liberty and Mother of Presidents and Statesmen our Commonwealth deserves her historic Virtus.

The significance between the “unreconstructed” and current Virginia seal.

   The Seal of Virginia was created in 1776 by the Virginian George Wythe, who was a member of the House of Burgesses and signer of the Declaration of Independence. The seal itself depicts the Roman goddess Virtus (representing Virtue) atop a form of tyranny, with the Latin words “Sic Semper Tyrannis,” meaning “thus always to tyrants.”

   As you may have noticed, there are slight differences between what we call the “unreconstructed” Virginia seal and our Commonwealth’s current version. Most noticeably, many of the pre-1865 seals depict Virtus’ breasts covered. This is most likely because of the moral Christian culture throughout Virginia at that time. In all three pre-1865 versions displayed here, the sword is also unsheathed, and spear is pointed up. This represents her vigilance and affirmation that she is ready for battle. The difference in headgear between the new and old seal is another characteristic that could be significant. Today’s version has her wearing what appears to be a Roman pileus or French Phrygian, “Liberty cap,” whereas historically Virtus wears a helmet. Could it be that our current flag does not depict Virtus, but a variant of the French figure Marianne who also wears a robe along with a Liberty Cap?

   These differences are significant to unreconstructed Virginians. The principles on which the Commonwealth was founded have since been compromised through its invasion and subsequent defeat in 1865. Unreconstructed Virtus is ready for battle and ever ready to defend her state, much like her Unreconstructed citizens of today.

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