Rhodesian Flag – 3′ x 5′


3’x5′ printed outdoor polyester

2 grommets on hoist side.

Triple stitching on fly end

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This beautiful flag was flown by some of the deadliest soldiers to ever fight on the African continent. This is your chance to own this piece of history. The nation of Rhodesia may be no more, but it’s memory lives on. This flag has been “canceled” by the likes of Amazon and other major retailers — but you can get it at The Confederate Shop!

The coat of arms of Rhodesia is the central feature of this storied flag.  The Coat of Arms was officially authorized by Royal Warrant on 11 August 1924.The shield features a red lion passant and two thistles, taken from the family arms of Cecil Rhodes, after whom the colony was named, and the Latin motto Sit Nomine Digna (May She Be Worthy of the Name) is a reference to Rhodes. The pick, in gold on a green field, represents mining, the economic mainstay of the colony. Also featured above the shield is the soapstone statuette of the Zimbabwe Bird found in the ruins of Great Zimbabwe. The Shield is “supported” by two Sable Antelopes.In November 1968, the full coat of arms was placed in the center of a new Rhodesian flag which was a green, white, green triband. 

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Weight .2 lbs
Dimensions 5 × .25 × 5 in