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“The Congress of the United States on May 23, 1958 conferred the same status as United States Veterans upon Confederate Veterans in Public Law 85-425. Thus, when local governments, parade organizers, cemetery officials, corporate businesses, or distraught citizens seek to forbid Confederate Flags, they disrespect the Congress, Public Law 85-425, Article 1 of the Bill of Rights of the U.S. Constitution and demonstrate the level of their own ignorance.”

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The Bonnie Blue flag is an Southern symbol of resistance to tyranny and sovereign independence!

On January 9, 1861, the Convention of the People of Mississippi held a referendum and legally seceded from the United States. With this announcement to the world, a large blue flag bearing a single white star was raised over the capitol building in Jackson, Mississippi. One of the witnesses to this event, an Irish-born actor named Harry McCarthy, was so inspired by the spectacle that he wrote a song entitled “The Bonnie Blue Flag,” which soon became the second most popular patriotic song in the Confederacy.
But the Bonnie Blue Flag didn’t begin there. It was also used as a symbol of sovereignty and independence throughout the South before the War, dating as far back as 1810:
  • Flag of the Republic of West Florida, September 16 to December 10, 1810
  • Flag of the Republic of Texas, December 10, 1836 to January 25, 1839 (the Texas flag currently bears the Bonnie Blue (lone star) on it)

This flag is 3’x5′ printed outdoor polyester with 2 grommets on hoist side.

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Dimensions 6 × .25 × 9 in


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