24th Georgia Irish Vol. Flag – 3′ x 5′


3′ x 5′ Flag

2 Grommets on hoist end

Polyester material


In 1861 the famous 24th Georgia Regiment was formed, composed of men of mostly Irish descent from North Georgia. The 24th Georgia Irish Volunteers became one of the best regiments in the Confederate Army, and probably the most famous Confederate-Irish unit in general (there was also the 10th “Blood-Tinth” Tennessee). The 24th’s most famous story comes from the Battle of Fredericksburg, on December 13, 1862, when the men of the 24th faced those of the famous Union Irish Regiment, the 69th New York Infantry. The Georgia volunteers were near the crest of Marye’s Heights, using a stone wall for a battlement. The 69th New York Infantry, part of the famed Irish Brigade under General Meagher, were in the second wave to assault the Marye’s Heights. One Confederate who saw the Irish green regimental flags called out, “Oh God, what a pity! Here comes Meagher’s fellows.” Battle flags with the Irish Harp were on both sides of the fight, but the Confederate Irish won the day.


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Weight .12 lbs
Dimensions 6 × .5 × 6 in