War for What

War For What


By:   Francis W. Springer

221 pages


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For every slave the slave traders sold the South more than ten were sold to Brazil, Cuba and the West Indies. Why is all the hatred over slavery directed at the South?

One must understand the events that preceded the War Between the States, and to understand those events, one must look further back , and back again, until some reasonable starting point is reached. At what point should we start? Causes started building up before the English landed on Jamestown Island in 1607. the activities of the Portuguese and the Spanish in their vigorous exploitation of Columbus’ Discovery had important bearing on all events here from then on. This discussion brings out some of the significant events that followed. many will be familiar enough, but others, seldom if ever publicized, may not. War for What is one of those titles that should belong in every serious student’s book shelf.

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