A History of the Valley of Virginia


By:  Samuel Kercheval

405 pages

Originally published in 1833


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The first edition of ” A History of the Valley of Virginia,” by Samuel Kercheval, was published in 1833, and a revised and enlarged edition in 1850. The author was not only a native of the Valley, but he was a resident of its colonial metropolis. Although he wrote almost a century ago, it was yet more than a century after the beginning of white settlement. Nevertheless, he was of mature years, and he enjoyed the very great advantage of having conversed with men and women who had been actors in the pioneer period. Very much of his information was therefore derived at first hand.

Not only the people of the Valley, but readers of American history in general, are greatly indebted to the industry of Kercheval in thus preserving so much of the local history that was current in his own day. That his efforts have been appreciated appears in the fact that a third edition was issued in 1902. As a narrative of events in the heroic age of the history of the American frontier, the work by Samuel Kercheval is of unquestioned value.

This is the earliest history of this section of Virginia, included are sketches of the first settlements in the Shenandoah Valley, Dunmores War, the Revolution, forts, Indian traditions, customs, the settlers religion, folklore and much more. First Edition was in 1833, and was revised and enlarged in 1850, This is the fourth edition which was published in 1925.





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