When the Moon Becomes as Blood


Author:  Gary Lee Roper

Published:  2012

Pages:  145


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Essentially this book is a study of the entire book of Revelation in a nutshell. If you are seeking to have your ears tickled by a new revelation, look at the many books out there on dicey prophecy. If you are seeking to understand the book of Revelation better, read this book. The intention for the title comes from the thesis that the things spoken of in the Book of Revelation shall not occur until the “moon becomes as blood,” meaning that it is written from a Futurist approach to the Book of Revelation. The author believes the Bible is speaking literally, not of some natural phenomena such as a solar eclipse emitting “red-like glow.”

You will not find any sensationalizing of the scripture in this book, but an earnest attempt by the author that his readers understand the end times more thoroughly. If you note the original publication date you will see that first edition of this work was written before all the popular fascination with the 2014-2015 solar eclipses mistakenly labeled “blood moons,” came into being. When the moon does become as blood, it will not be an eclipse. It will be a Supernatural, literal experience. Of that there can be neither doubt no speculation. NOTE: The author does not make his position a test of fellowship with believers of other views of Eschatology. The eschatology position of the following discourse is that of the “Historical Pre-millennial, Post Tribulation Rapture.

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