Stories of the Covenanters in Scotland for Young People – 3 Titles in 1


3 Titles in 1

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This is one of three books in a series dedicated to teaching the youth of Christianity’s rich history of martyrs and saints. We would recommend these for ages 9-14 (or above). This book is constructed with premium binding and paper, with a beautiful cover–made to last a lifetime!

3 Titles in 1

Journey back to the days of the Scottish covenanters when men and women counted it all joy to be reproached for Christ’s sake. These three stories, written for young people, are of true heroes of faith who were willing to suffer persecution and death rather than deny their Lord. They are remarkable examples of the grace God gives His people in time of need. Written especially for teenagers, but will be appreciated by adults as well.


1. The Persecuted Family: A Narrative of the Sufferings of the Covenanters in the Reign of Charles II by Robert Pollok

The lives and memories of our Christian ancestors, who suffered so much for the blessings of that civil and religious liberty, ought, one would think to be peculiarly interesting and sacred to us their posterity. Every sigh, we know, of our persecuted ancestors is recorded in heaven.

It is not only that we may pay them our debt of gratitude that we ought to acquaint ourselves with their lives. Youth, especially, have need to make themselves well acquainted with their lives. – The Author


2. Ralph Gemmell; or the Banks of the Irvine, a Tale of the Scottish Covenanters by Robert Pollok

A historical account of the Sottish Covenanters published in 1871.


3. Helen of the Glen; A Tale of the Scotch Covenanters by Robert Pollok

A historical account of the Sottish Covenanters published in 1860.


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