Ruth the Maiden from Moab


By H. Rondel Rumburg

263 pages


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The Book of Ruth has been romanticized, fantasized, dramatized and subjected to such as men often endeavor to do with the wonderful accounts of people and events preserved for us in the Word of God. In the shallow thinking of men it is easy to see how their imaginations would run wild with such a story. But, it is the Spirit that ‘searcheth all things, yea, the deep things of God’. It is evident that the world has missed the divine intent of this precious account and all Scripture for that matter.

Dr. Rumburg has meticulously developed and fully expanded this narrative and caused it to find application in the hearts and lives of those who will read it. His research is sound, his presentation is clear and unfettered with complexities and the outcome is profound. We are blessed herein with sound commentary and a marvelous guide to meditation upon the operations of God. The commentary is true to the Word of God. It avoids unwarranted claims of typology and clings rather to the context of the time and matter at hand. In this way the author has drawn richly from the lives as they are and made valuable application to the lives of us all. We are afforded a wonderful opportunity to marvel at the wonders of the divine providence of God, especially as it reveals redemption as the objective. – Rev. Brant H. Seacrist, Jr.

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