Revival Sketches and Manual in Two Parts


Written by Rev. Heman Humphrey, D.D.

Historical reprint, originally published in 1859

396 pages


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The church of Jesus Christ finally has a comprehensive introductions to the subject of revival. Over the last half of this century many excellent books and articles have been written or republished on this vital subject, but none could be called a complete introduction. This volume has everything necessary to introduce the novice to this subject as well as challenge the seasoned student of revival. As in all areas of study a introduction is essential to both those seeking to communicate information and those desiring to be informed.

This well-written and inspirational book, Revival Sketches and Manual by Heman Humphrey was originally published in 1859 and fills this void. The book is divided into two parts. The first part, Revival Sketches, includes an overview of reviving influences of the Holy Spirit upon the cause of God from Old Testament times to 1859. In the first part predominance is given to the period between 1800-1859. Included are two chapters of first-hand reports of revivals in various churches. The second part is Revival Manual. This section is filled with practical advice for those who desire to be winners of souls and wise in applying the Word of God to every conscience and case which might arise as one pursues his pastoral duties.

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