Lord’s Day Snippets: for Shepherds of His Flock and Sheep of His Pasture


H. Rondel Rumburg

496 pages


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This book is the culmination of a project that originated as an encouragement to pastors. It began with a weekly e-mail (A Lord’s Day Snippet) delivered on Sunday mornings as an aid to pastors preparing to lead their congregations in the worship of the living God. Each snippet combined words from a hymn, a passage of Scripture often from William Tyndale’s magisterial translation, a brief, insightful exposition and a closing word of encouragement from a past preacher of the gospel. It was discovered that this met a great need in the church. These also were found to be helpful to non-pastors as well. The words of encouragement encompassed a much wider scope than could have ever been anticipated. Those who received the weekly e-mail looked forward to it as an important aspect of preparing their hearts for worship (whether leading in worship or participating as part of a congregation). As happens with the internet, the e-mails were often forwarded and reached an ever-widening audience.

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