King David’s Confession: Psalm 23


By H. Rondel Rumburg

272 pages


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The perspective from which Dr. Rumburg approached his study in this Psalm is refreshing to say the least. He has plumbed the depths of the Psalm while maintaining a living objectivity regarding who wrote it and what is written. It is truly a confession of faith and one given under divine inspiration and we never lose sight of this as we proceed through the book. David is sharing his own experience with his reader and directing the attention of all to the Lord who is his Shepherd. The author of this book takes us by the hand and leads us to see who and what David Saw and reinforces the experience with ample illustration and the call of many others to witness to the truths found herein.

“It is certain that many saints have benefited greatly from reading the word of King David and that many more shall. A re-visitation under the guidance of one skilled in presentation and personally touched by the experience is invaluable to all. That is what we have in this volume.” ~ Brant Seacrist, Jr., Pastor, The Riverside Baptist Church


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